5.05.Tour of Echoes of war

5.05.Tour of Echoes of war

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The echo of the last war this tour is about battles and military actions in Rostov-on-don. The route will pass to area of the 5th don Cossack cavalry corps, and the Guards on Komsomolskaya square, school # 43, where he studied the son of the regiment of the national militia Sasha Shepherds, to the memorials on the areas of Theatrical , them. K. Marx, "Zmievskaya Balka", the monument to the soldiers of the 56th army and the artillery battery S. Ohanyan. Of past fights, the horrors of the occupation time, the history of the defense of devotion to the Motherland our compatriots, as well as about the heroism of our country know the tourists during the trip. Echoes of war suitable for both adults and children. The tour can be a wonderful gift and an interesting time in the occasion.


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