23.02. Sightseeing tour around Rostov-on-don

23.02. Sightseeing tour around Rostov-on-don

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We invite residents and guests of our city on a bus tour of the city of Rostov-on-don. The tour will be conducted in a standard, time-tested, classic design. During the tour you will admire the XIX century buildings - monuments of history and architecture, the creators of which were the famous Metropolitan architects. Learn where the border between Rostov and Nakhichevan-on-don, why don steppe was an Armenian city, visited the main squares, the famous promenade, will make a beautiful memory photo. We will only show You the main sights, only the most beautiful neighborhoods, only the most favorite places. Sightseeing tour around Rostov-on-don will be interesting to both adults and children and guests, and the local residents, and anyone who wants to know and learn the history of our city.


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